May 2004 – September 2004
Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet

Web support, ColdFusion Support

Duties included:

General webmaster duties such as HTML edit, content update, content upload, etc for static web content on departmental Internet and Intranet websites, Govnet data upload, etc.

  • Content Management System (Objectify) administration and authoring.
  • Understanding and adherence to Federal and State government standards such as AGLS, Dublin Core, QLD CUE (Consistent User Experience), W3C Accessibility guidelines, Usability principles, etc.
  • ColdFusion application troubleshooting, maintenance and authoring using Dreamweaver WYSIWYG and raw code interfaces.
  • ColdFusion server installation, configuration and management.
  • Microsoft IIS (Web Server) configuration & management.
  • Microsoft SQL Server configuration & management including database modification, stored procedures, backup, restore & general maintenance. 

April – May 2004
The Black & White Parts Company – Gold Coast

Selling Laser-Printer Parts

January – March 2004

Application design/develop/update to accommodate new functionality
I originally designed this site and, for many years, performed all the technical work to keep it working properly.

November 2003
Suncorp Metway

ColdFusion Developer (contract)
HR Intranet enhancement project (under Phil Hayes-St Clair)

I was invited to return to Suncorp to work on the modification of existing Intranet applications built in ColdFusion using Dreamweaver.

October 2003
Suncorp Metway

ColdFusion Developer (contract)
HR Intranet enhancement project
I was responsible for the design and implementation of an intranet based employee competence tracking & reporting system built in ColdFusion using Dreamweaver.

September 2003
Virtuel Consulting

ColdFusion Developer
Eat and Drink website modifications
I performed the design, coding and implementation of assorted modifications to the E&D website in ColdFusion.

March 2003 – April 2003
Gold Coast City Council – EDMP

Data Conversion Analyst
EDMP Contacts Database conversion project

I was responsible for the conversion of data from EDMP’s existing Microsoft Access database to their new web Based Microsoft SQL Server database. The database, describes roughly 12,500 Gold Coast related businesses and related contacts.

Project deliverables included:

  • Detection and removal of duplicate entries from the database.
  • Detection and correction of data-entry errors in the database such as data in wrong fields, missing data, etc.
  • Conversion of data structures to enable programmatic importation of database fields into new database structure.
  • Conservation of relationships between companies and related individuals throughout the process.

Meeting the deliverables required me to:

  • Analyse the requirements and data structures.
  • Design a workable conversion process.
  • Develop web based systems and processes to enable the process.
  • Train selected EDMP staff in the implementation of the processes through the use of the systems.
  • Work alongside staff to implement the processes.
  • Report regularly on progress to EDMP management while working to agreed milestones.

November 2002 – March 2003

Content Developer - CD based Web Tutorial

I was responsible for the complete design, production and implementation of the tutorial entitled “Product-Easy” for Gold Coast based start-up The tutorial is basically an entire web site on a CD and is intended to teach students the art and science of designing, developing, marketing and distributing Information Products via the Internet.

The tutorial is content rich, addressing the subject matter through hundreds of individual HTML pages arranged in a carefully structured information architecture. The Information architecture is designed to encourage both structured and unstructured browsing while maximising usability and maintaining easy access to all content.

December 2000 – November 2002
Gold Coast City Council

Business / Technical analyst
Web - Business Analyst / Programmer, Application Architect/Designer

I joined the Gold Coast City Council in December 2000 to work as a technical analyst within the IT division. After doing some general information analysis and design work I joined the Office Systems unit to work on Intranet, Internet and Messaging projects.

Responsibilities included:

  • Work as key part of development team to design and implement various web based applications and systems.
  • Analysis & documentation of business and functional requirements.
  • Technical documentation design & authoring including delivery of Business, Functional & Technical Requirements Specifications.
  • Delivery of elements of quality control (QA) for unit projects.
  • Critical analysis & testing of implementations to maximize functionality, usability & adherence to specifications.
  • Facilitation of meetings to as part of specification development process.
  • Ensuring a high standard of administration, and documentation.

During that time I demonstrated:

  • Experience in the development and use of Corporate information systems
  • Experience in the development and documenting of new/changed business processes and procedures.
  • Extensive experience with web enabled systems.
  • Expertise in gathering and analysing information.
  • Experienced in developing Business Requirements and Functional Specifications.
  • Expertise in analysis and creation of web Based Information Systems documentation
  • Well-developed written and oral communication skills.
  • Exceptional task management skills.

July 2000 – September 2000
Sydney Water

Webmaster Team
Analyst / Programmer Developer

I joined Sydney Water in July 2000 to work as part of the webmaster team. The team’s primary responsibility was to design and develop web based applications to meet the needs of internal corporate clients. ColdFusion with some JavaScript was the primary development environment.

Along with normal webmaster responsibilities he was personally responsible for 2 projects.

  • Development of a B2B Extranet application to enable the interchange of Drinking Water Quality Incident information between the company and the State Department of Health.
  • Intranet search engine replacement.

March 2000 – July 2000

Web Enablement - Web Architect

I joined Optus in March 2000 to work as part of a three man architectural team. The team’s primary responsibility was to come up with a cogent architecture for the efficient development delivery and management of web content across the organisation. The architecture was to be applicable to all environments - Intranet, Internet and Extranet.

April 1998 – March 2000
Department of Health and Aged Care

WeBS (Web and Electronic Business Systems)
Business Analyst / Web Architect - HealthInsite project

I joined the department in April 1998 working as a business analyst with the HealthInsite project.
Once these initial business issues were resolved I moved into a small technical team where our responsibilities were to select a development platform and then develop the site

This was a position where my activities ranged from blue-sky conceptualisation right through to the actual coding of the applications necessary to make the site work. My participation has covered the complete life cycle of the project from concept through to implementation.

June 1997 – April 1998
Virtuel Consulting Pty. Ltd.

Consultant / Developer Intranet / Internet
During this period I worked part time for Virtuel Consulting Pty. Ltd. developing Intranet and Internet data driven applications for individuals and companies worldwide. This development work is an ongoing process and is performed as and when time permits.

September 1997 – October 1997
ATO – Child Support Agency

Printing Systems Consultant (Contract)
My job was to seek out, qualify and select a suitable solution to CSA’s High Volume Letter Printing needs.

November 1996 – June 1997
WorkCover Queensland

Project Manager (Contract) - Intranet/Internet Project

1994 – 1996
Billabong Internet Services

Internet Consultant

January 1992 - May 1996
Canberra Strategic Marketing

Account Manager/Technical services director

July 1991 - January 1992
Computer Power Training Institute

Trainer / Facilitator / course presenter

June 1989 - June 1991
Xerox Australia

Electronic Printing Systems Analyst

April 1989 - June 1989


January 1988 April 1989
Impact Systems / Gestetner Lasers

ACT Branch Manager, Customer Service

April 1984 - December 1987
Standard Telephones and Cables Pty Ltd.

Senior Field Engineer / Branch Service Manager

Prior to this I spent

2 years with Datronics & 4 years with Memorex as a field service engineer.